116-20 Queens Blvd. Forest Hills, NY 11375


1947 Front St, East Meadow NY 11554, United States


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116-20 Queens Blvd. Forest Hills, NY 11375

1947 Front St, East Meadow NY 11554, United States

2860 West 5th St. Brooklyn NY 11224

161 East Gunhill Road. Bronx, NY 10467

76-27 37th Avenue Jackson Heights, NY11372

245-24 Horace Harding Expressway Little Neck, NY 11362

2083 E 65th St, Brooklyn, NY 11234

166 Fulton Ave, Hempstead, NY 11550

  • Great service and standard of care. Very neat and clean. Staff is very polite and professional from front desk to medical assistants to physicians, overall a great atmosphere inside out. Late hours until 9PM. Open on weekends. Physician himself monitors the patient flow, wait times and makes sure that the facility is operating very smoothly. He actually understand the patient's time importance as well so will try to accommodate you very conveniently. Would recommend it to everyone, all ages, genders, and ethnicities. You will all feel very comfortable.
    Iram Faraz Proud Patient
  • Doctor, Nurses and MyDoc Queens are true life savers! I woke up with a bad case of pink eye and didn't have much time to go to the doctors this morning. I made an appointment online. The doctor was very friendly and helpful. The appointment took less than 10 minutes. This service completely revolutionized fast health care service. I can't believe I didn't hear about this sooner! Thank you for making it hassle free to get health care.
    Paul Gonzaga Proud Patient
  • Staff was very friendly, no wait time. Got my allergy test done, staff very efficient. I would come again to this facility. Open on weekends and late hours for those who get off work late. Great place, clean and convenient.
    Gabriella Alonso Proud Patient
  • «Врачи, медсестры и персонал очень внимательны, особенно доктор Салиб, который оказал превосходную профессиональную и вежливую помощь своему пациенту».
  • «Доктор Салиб и его сотрудники действительно хорошо позаботились обо мне. Если вы ищете хорошую службу неотложной помощи поблизости, вам следует обратиться в службу неотложной помощи MyDoc».
  • «Я был пациентом доктора Салиба с тех пор, как они открылись около 4 или 5 лет назад. Он очень вовлечен и связан со своими пациентами. Он производит впечатление семьи».
  • «Доктор Салиб помог мне побороть эту мерзкую простуду! Не могу поблагодарить его! Я рекомендую всем обращаться в службу неотложной помощи My Doc, если вам нужна услуга уровня А!»
  • «Это место действительно спасло мне жизнь. Я должен поблагодарить доктора Салиба и его сотрудников за то, что они быстро и профессионально позаботились о моих потребностях».
  • «Вполне возможно, лучший опыт врача, который у меня когда-либо был, даже лучше, персонал был вежливым, дружелюбным и профессиональным. Я обязательно вернусь сюда».
  • «Я пришел в MyDoc, и доктор Салиб помог мне в течение 20 минут. За это время меня завернули, вылечили и дали лекарство. Он был очень дружелюбен и терпелив со мной».
  • «Доктор Салиб замечательный. Он слушает и не торопится с вашими проблемами, он обращается к ним с величайшим уважением, я доверяю ему, и это дается мне нелегко».


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Axel ConnerAxel Conner
18:23 20 Jan 23
Very little time was spent with me. To enter, merely stroll in. Not a second is wasted. They had a really courteous medical assistant who helped me. After taking my history and performing a quick physical examination, he suggested I consult a doctor. The PA came in to help me right after he left. The best course of action in regard to medication is to discuss two alternatives. She engaged me in determining my future well-being. Excellent service for Covid Tests in Forest Hills.
Lennox KennedyLennox Kennedy
14:40 18 Jan 23
This is the best workplace ever for gynecologists In Forest Hills. Easy appointment scheduling is a consistent perk of going there. The workers all seem quite nice. There was no waiting for the doctor to completely explain everything and even follow up with me after my appointment time had passed. My prescriptions were also delivered to the pharmacy in a timely manner.
Elijah ChavezElijah Chavez
05:07 28 Dec 22
Everyone was great. The entire staff and PA who treated me were so empathetic and attentive towards me during a time where I went for a covid test in Forest Hills. They were very thorough during my exam and I feel 100% better within less than 24 hours. I would come back here anytime.
Connor NicholsonConnor Nicholson
04:11 26 Dec 22
The x-ray technician was great with our four year old. Thank you for making her feel comfortable. Thank you for providing excellent care that was patient focused. Thanks to Dr. Salib for coming back quickly from another site to make sure we could get our x-rays done quickly. All the staff were kind from the female security guard to the receptionist. The next morning they were also very kind to our daughter and gentle when explaining the need for a sling for her elbow. Thank you very much!!
Jaxson KnappJaxson Knapp
11:12 25 Dec 22
I love this office. Every time I go it’s easy to get an appointment. The staff is courteous. They take care of you at the appointment time, no waiting for the doctor to explain everything thoroughly and even follow up with me. Also my medications were sent to the pharmacy promptly. I definitely recommend this urgent care in the Queens Blvd office.🖤
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A key, Salib added, is keeping patients happy, providing them with a better option.

“There are a lot of patients who don’t want to go to an emergency room,” Salib said. Others, he adds, can’t get quick doctor appointments.

As the sole owner of MYDOC, Salib wants patients taken care of quickly. “The average waiting time here is about 15 minutes or less on a busy day.”

Our Treatments

Allergy symptoms include itchy eyes and skin, sneezing, nasal congestion, wheezing, and rash.

Just about everybody at one point or another will experience abdominal pain.

While cold symptoms can make you feel bad for a few days, flu symptoms can make you feel quite ill for a few days to weeks.

A heart attack occurs when the blood flow to a part of the heart is blocked by a blood clot.

We know nothing is more important than your child and when your child is in our care nothing is more important to us.

Inflammation of the airways causes them to narrow and secrete thick mucus, or phlegm.

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