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Viral infection that infections skin dermatomes caused by Varicella-Zoster virus, same virus that causes chickenpox and causes painful lesions. Symptoms are usually are painful rash that presents as cluster of blisters that’s limited to either side of body but not both sides, other symptoms include but not limited to burning, numbness, itching, fever, fatigue.  Complications include but not limited to Postherpetic neuralgia which is lingering pain after healing infection, vision loss if shingels develop around the eyes, facial numbness or paralysis. Diagnosis is made via examination and history taking, blood tests.  Treatment is valtrex, acyclovir, anti-numbness medication like Neurontin. There is no cure for Shingels but there is available vaccine. Book your appointment online or visit us at our offices in Forest Hills,East Meadow,Brooklyn,Bronx,Jackson Heights and little Necks
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