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Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment at myDoc Urgent Care in Forest Hills, NY
A common vaginal inflammatory infection that is caused by bacterial overgrowth in the vaginal area. Common symptoms include but not limited foul smelling or fishy white or green discharge,  vaginal itching, burning upon urination. Complications include but not limited to preterm birth, pelvic inflammatory disease, risk of catching other STD.. Risk factors include but not limited multiple sexual partners, and douching which is the habit of washing the vagina with soup or water thus offsetting the bacterial growth in the vagina. Diagnosis is made via pelvic exam, vaginal cultures and vaginal fluid PH. Treatment usually includes antibiotics like Metronidazole  and Tinidazole. Book your appointment online or visit us at our offices in Forest Hills,East Meadow,Brooklyn,Bronx,Jackson Heights and little Necks
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