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Mononucleosis Known as the kissing disease, caused by Epstein virus in saliva that can be transmitted via kissing, coughing, sneezing, sharing a glass and food utensils.  Symptoms include but not limited to fever, severe fatigue, swollen painful tonsils with possible white exudate, swollen spleen, rash, enlarged lymph nodes. Symptoms can last 6-10 wks with possible complications like spleen enlargement even rupture during contact sports, Hepatitis with elevated liver enzymes, anemia, meningitis and encepehalitis. Prognosis is good with most people recovering Diagnosis is made via history taking, physical examination, blood tests.  Treatment is mainly conservative including but not limited to bed rest, anti-inflammatory medications, corti-steriod medications for swollen tonsils, no contact sports for at least six months. Book your appointment online or visit us at our offices in Forest Hills,East Meadow,Brooklyn,Bronx,Jackson Heights and little Necks
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