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Chest Pain

Pain in chest can be caused by underlying heart problems. It depends on which area around chest you are feeling pain and which type of pain is it. So there are a lot of etiologies of chest pain like sometime it is also caused by gastric issues, pneumonia, lung cancer and also injury to chest etc. So there are a lot of reasons which could cause it hence we should go through each of them. Mostly chest pain is not caused by heart related issues but one cannot differentiate so lets start with cardiac issues first.

Cardiac Problems

Common cardiac issue which can illicit chest pain includes a heart attack(ANGINA) which causes sharp stabbing pain that is sudden in onset and don’t go away on its own but a heart attack may also cause pain in left arm too but to be safe one should pay a visit to a registered medical practitioner to avoid risk since its fatal.

Besides angina it can also be caused by pericarditis which is inflammation of pericardium in it the pain gets worse on lying down and deep breathing.

Heart problems comes in older age mostly or if you are at high risk of this like you are obese or smoke, having hypertension and having it in genetic history or history of one’s past medical illness

Other issues

If the pain comes after having a meal then it could be caused by heartburning painful burning sensation behind one’s breast bone. Swallowing disorders also cause chest pain in which there is a problem with esophagus. Inflammation of pancreas or gallbladder also cause chest pain.

Investigations and Treatment

Common investigations performed to detect the cause of chest pain include ECG, Blood enzymes such as trop t and I, Chest x-ray, MRI and CT angiogram.

Treatment of chest pain depends on underlying etiology and severity. Usually nitroglycerin and morphine is administered to relieve pain if it is due to cardiac problem. Antacids are given if it is due to gastric problems.  Anxiolytics are given if it is due to panic attack. Specific treatment depends on underlying cause. facilitates health emergency. Chest pain could be an emergency so do not neglect it if you ever experience this. We are here to serve you with the world’s best staff and fully equipped centre. 

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