Shoulder Pain

With shoulder pain, you might experience pain when moving your arm or lifting something. When the shoulder blade pulls and pinches the muscles and tendons of your rotator cuff.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is often due to a muscle or soft tissue strain or even a compressed nerve. In many cases, bad posture puts excessive stress on the vertebrae and soft tissues in your neck, resulting in pain and a restricted range of motion.

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel is a common painful condition that affects the hands and arms. Most common symptoms are tingling, pain, numbness of the thumb and index but middle and ring fingers can also get affected.


Sciatica is a relatively common problem which leads to noticeable tingling, pain, and numbness in the back across the sciatic nerve. Your sciatic nerve are found at the bottom of the spine and across the rear of every one of your legs.

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Managing pain can be hard; especially when you don’t have the right resources to combat the source of pain. Our physicians and specialists make it a priority to make managing your pain a priority. Most patients experience a noticeable decrease in pain within just a few sessions. Instead of masking the symptoms, our pain management therapies work simultaneously to reduce  and combat the source of pain.


Herniated Disc

Another injury which often leads to neck pain is a slipped or herniated disc. This type of injury occurs when one of those disks which protects the bones from your spine slides out of place. Since the disks are no longer supporting the bones in the back or neck, you can experience discomfort and pain.

Back Pain

Back pain, particularly in the lower spine, may indicate a sprain, herniated disk, or other injuries (like muscle damage). This might also point to pinched nerves if followed by numbness or tingling sensation. Immediate treatment is needed to prevent and avoid further damage caused to your back.

Car Accident Injury

We know that some car accidents are unavoidable. Being involved in a car accident may be a devastating and traumatic experience, especially when you’ve sustained an injury through the event. We help you focus on recovery every step of the way.


We help treat acute and chronic headaches, cluster headaches, as well as migraines and other painful disorders of the face, brain and skull. Once we get your headache diagnosed, our specialists proceed with non and minimally invasive treatments to help combat the pain.

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