Illnesses & Injuries

MyDoctor Urgent Care provides high quality, cost effective, walk-in medical care for a wide range of non-life threatening illnesses and injuries, including:

  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • Sore throats and sinus infections
  • Minor cuts, scratches, sprains, burns and strains
  • Ear and eye infections
  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
  • Fevers
  • Basic laboratory blood tests


MyDoctor Urgent Care is equipped to provide X-ray services. If during your visit an X-ray is needed, it will be done quickly without having to travel to another facility.


Most diagnostic testing is performed using MyDoctor Urgent Care's on-site clinical laboratory. We provide standard blood tests, urinalysis, strep throat tests and drug tests.


MyDoctor Urgent Care offers many common prescription medications so that a trip to the pharmacy is not necessary.

Routine Vaccinations

MyDoctor Urgent Care provides many routine vaccinations on a walk-in basis. Please call for more information.


MyDoctor Urgent Care provides routine and specialized physicals including:

  • Annual
  • Employment*
  • School, Sports and Camp

* MyDoctor Urgent Care also provides required Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examinations. A DOT physical exam is valid for up to 24 months.

If you have questions about a specific service that is not listed, contact us at (301) 396-4444 or visit our center and speak to one of our friendly staff. Please note that services are subject to change.